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It was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Rope!

Yes, I’m a big fan of Clue – great game, and even better movie!! Lately I’ve been very lax on blogging and for that I’m sorry! Every year it seems that I disappear for a month, or two and alas it happened again. I’ve had some big life changes going on that have diverted my attention: I started a new job (in marketing), and we purchased a new home! Selling your home is the pits – it was a lot of hard work getting the home packed up, but we cannot wait to move into our new home. It has a great big yard so the puppy will be thrilled, and it has a double-oven, so get ready for some awesome recipes! In selling and purchasing we have had a lot of DIY projects going on. At some point I’ll transition some of the before and after pictures into a quick blog post with some short tutorials on basic projects that y’all may enjoy.

As I’m sure its true for many folks that enjoy writing I’m an avid reader. I just love scoping out websites and articles online, in person, at the food store, etc. I’m also buried in some type of book, magazine, journal, etc. Magazines are an especially fun group to page through! There is something about those glossy pages that just draws me in! I love Martha’s magazine – all the pages are always beautiful (usually the projects are a bit impractical for my day-to-day life but gorgeous to look at!). I also enjoy Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, The Washingtonian to keep up on my local area and whatever else my friends pass my way (Cosmo, Health, etc).

And in the hours that I’m not pinning my life away of pinterest you can find me reading the following blogs: (Great compilation of various VA bloggers) (Running, fitness, overall health and inspiration) (If you live in the DC area – here is your local weatherman!) (Great blog featuring outdoor activities and reflections on nature) (Cooking!!)
– (poetry, writing, etc)

As I mentioned before I read pretty much anything I can get my hands-on. The folks at the library definitely recognize me because I’m there quite frequently as I go through books rather quickly. Travel books seem to stick with me more than other types of books, so is a smattering of some travel (and other) books I’ve read that have stuck in the front of my mind as worthwhile recommendations. I used to keep a book focused blog at – there are a bunch of book reviews there if you are handkering for more.

Honeymoon with my Brother (Wisner)
The Last Lecture (Pausch)
Into Thin Air (Krakauer)
Gone Girl (Flynn)- GREAT summer (or anytime) reading!
French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France (Goodman)

So that’s the scoop on where you can find me and what I’m reading when I’m not over here writing about the various crops we are collecting and cooking!

What are your favorite blogs? I always LOVE a good blog (book or magazine) recommendation!!

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