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The Most Worthwhile Kitchen Gadgets

Now, as we all know I am not the best chef out there. I try hard and do my best but what I lack in skills I definitely make up with zest. What I’m not lacking in is kitchen gadgets. I have a husband and mother that both love gadgets. They are easy sells on any product that is new, improved, better than ever and will claim to make their lives easier. I make them sound like easy sells, truth be told they aren’t as much into as seen on TV gadgetry but really dig the gadgets offered at the cooking shops. From both of them and the very generous friends and family that attended our wedding we have quite a collection of these various kitchen gadgets, so here is a quick recap (to date) of what has been and hasn’t been worth our time…

All Time Greats:

– KitchenAid Stand Mixer – yep, its absolutely worth the hype! There are so many attachments you can purchase for this and it comes in color! Anything that I can customize the color on is bound to be a winner! In all seriousness though I do use this for a lot of things – breads, pasta, cookies, etc. It is a fabulous tool!
Food Processor – I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use this but between hummus, salsa and other items of their consistency we find ourselves pulling it out often
Steamer/Rice Cooker – I use this for steaming veggies, rice (of course) and making mac and cheese now (the homemade kind!). Its a great took and a really easy way to get a pot off of the stove if you have a bit going on for your meal(s). I’d recommend a non-stick version. Cleanup is a breeze with this tool and it just really speeds up so many recipes.


Garlic/Potato bag keepers by Orka. I just adore these products and have purchased them for a handful of my friends as well. There is no better way, in my opinion, to store onions, garlic and potatoes than these bags! They’re not too expensive and really get the job done well.

Corn Plates – OK, maybe you don’t quite consider this a gadget but these really are wonderful to have. Never again do you have to worry about your corn scooting about on your plate with runny butter. I was on a serious mission to find corn-sized plates that weren’t plastic throughout most of the summer. My perseverance paid off, at CostPlus WorldMarket I found a great spoon rest that coincidentally matches my dishes almost perfectly and is the perfect size for corn, I now have corn plates and couldn’t be happier!

Oven Safe Non-Stick Mats & Parchment Paper – I love parchment paper! It is so nice to throw down a little bit of oven-safe parchment paper on my cookie sheets, bake away and then just throw away the parchment paper and cleanup is done! Similarly, silicone non-stick mats are wonderful for rolling out dough and lining sheets in the oven as well. Be careful to check for the heat limits on both items before cooking!

On the Bench:

– Mandolin
– Scale
– Protective Cookbook Holder (or really any cookbook holder)

In defense of these worthwhile tools I am sure they are great and wonderful and would be a terrific help but I just haven’t yet found the absolute need to use them. Everyone has their own favorite and useless set of kitchen gadgets and tools. Now that I have shared my list what are your favorite tools that I’m missing out on? ‘Tis the season to start hunting for stocking stuffers and these gadgets are usually perfect!



Remember Me?

I wouldn’t be shocked if you didn’t remember me, it has been ages since I last logged a recipe, or any thought here. Some quick stats on where I’ve been:

Hours logged at the dog park: at least 200+
Vacations Taken: 4 (yay!)
New Recipes Attempted: 15 (this means LOTS of posting in your future!)

So yeah, life has gotten a bit busy and has definitely gotten away from me, but I’m back! It’s fall, which is my absolute favorite season, life is swell and there is plenty of fresh food and new recipes floating my way so I have a lot to chat about here at creativecrops!

I hope to see you all stick around as I get my act together and start posting things again.

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