Late Spring Crop Share Week 5 & 6 Report

Sorry I missed out last week everyone! Time got away from me and I figured at this rate I would be better doing a combined post. Well, summer is officially upon us, and with it comes the graduation fiestas, picnics, bbqs and heat. Lately we have been doing a lot of ‘cold’ cooking – salads, grilling outside to prevent the house from warming up and the like. It’s nice, I feel like in the heat we eat lighter but we have been getting some really wonderful things in our weekly crop shares so I have to start upping the ante and getting on the ball with testing out some new recipes. I’ll do my best, in the meantime, here is your week 5 & 6 breakdown —

What we received in weeks 5 & 6:

– Kohlrabi
– Corn (both weeks!!)
– Peaches
– Blackberries
– Blueberries
– Green Beans
– Squash
– Tomatoes
– Potatoes
– Green Peppers
– White Eggplant

How we are moving this farm to our table:

Last week I began working on the menu planning, we did OK sticking with our menu. There is definitely room for improvement. My softball season has ended for the summer (just in time for a new heat wave) so that leaves me more time in the evenings after work to try out new recipes and make a better effort out of using our crops in unique ways.

Week 5 our menu included our staple shrimp tacos with mango radish salsa, marinated chicken breast and veggie risotto, hamburgers and corn with homemade fries/chips and then leftovers.

This week we are looking to do:

1. Hamburgers and corn again so that we can use up the remainder of our buns from last week with grilled white eggplant. I have never had white eggplant before so I’m on the hunt for some recipes that will bring out its flavor.

2. Quick Pasta – possibly the cauliflower pasta I featured a while back. If not that recipe then we will go with a generic pasta with grilled chicken and homemade pasta sauce. A nice Italian meal 🙂

3. Grilled or baked chicken – sides are tbd. Most likely will include a veggie medley to finish up the fresh veggies we have, with a salad and then most likely rice. We haven’t had rice in quite some time.

4. Steak – temperatures are supposed to be warm so it is grilling time!! Sides will be potatoes since we have some leftover from our crop-shares the past few weeks with grilled onions and peppers (also courtesy of the crop share)

5. Night out – we will be traveling so there must be a night where we dine out, and this is the night!

I’ll keep you posted on how well we stick to the menu planned out this time. Could be hit or miss, but hopefully we are more on the hit side than the miss side. I’m also really hoping to find something good for that white eggplant. I have never cooked with one before so I’m not sure what to even expect flavor-wise. Should be fun! Best to you all – try to beat the heat!!


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