Late Spring CropShare – Week 4 Report

Hi Everyone!! This is the first week of the new format, I may continue to tweak it a bit until I find something that is uber comfortable but I’ll keep you posted. If you have any suggestions on what you think would help please do share!

What was included in the Cropshare:

– Cucumber
– White Baby Turnips
– Peaches
– Green Peppers
– Grape Tomatoes
– White Candy Onion
– Heirloom summer squash

On the Menu this week:

Saturday & Sunday – we have visitors in town so this weekend will be mild from a food standpoint. I plan to use the onions in peppers in a potato/hash brown type of dish. Nothing too fancy just quartered potatoes with sautéed onions, peppers and some seasoning.

Monday – Salads for lunch (I’ll get to use the delicious grape tomatoes and cucumber!). Dinner will be eaten out, or leftovers from food this past weekend as we have a busy schedule. I will be making homemade banana bread to have as a breakfast side or nice snack. I keep our almost spoiled bananas so that I can use less sugar when baking, I have quite a few frozen right now so its time for some bread!

Tuesday – We are planning to keep it simple with tacos. I have a lot of ground beef in the freezer already and a bunch of the fixins for this so we are all set on tacos and rice. We may even go for homemade spanish-style rice, if it turns out good I’ll definitely post the recipe!

Wednesday – Dinner will be Wegmans lemon chicken (pre-marinated for convenience) with pasta and some sautéed heirloom squash from the crop-share tossed with a few grape tomatoes and macadamia nut oil. Have you ever used macadamia nut oil? It is absolutely delicious!

Thursday – Homemade pizza night! Again it is a busier night so we can make this and then have it for lunch on Friday (bonus!). I would almost put money on the fact that the peaches from the crop-share are already history at this point. They are just so delicious!

Friday – Visitors again! Most likely another meal out. The weekends with visitors are tough for cooking at home. If we get something tempting enough in next week’s crop-share though we will have to cook it up for our guests. Depending on when they arrive I may plan to make a london broil.

Does anyone else do menu-planning? How is it?? This is really our first week. I am excited to have a plan and to know what to purchase. This is week one of the experiment, I’ll be happy to report how well we did to follow this next week!


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