Late Spring Crop Share Week 2 Report

It has been over 90 degrees lately so while this is called Late Spring I’m definitely feeling like this is early summer…. Anyways, onto the food. I’ll have to do another post in the coming days about warm weather crop storage. It has definitely been a challenge making sure we either eat or appropriately store the various food we get from the share, especially in the warmer months. We are still thrilled we went with the smaller size share like we have the past 3 croppings – while we get some great items it seems that our social calendar is pulling us in a few different directions and the warmer weather makes me want to cook a little less frequently, o having a smaller quantity has prevented waste.

What we received in week 2:

– Green Cabbage
– White Potatoes
– Bunched Beets
– Cucumbers
– White Corn
– Peaches (YUM!!)
– Cauliflower

In the Kitchen:

I’ve gotten cauliflower a bit lately so instead of falling back on our cauliflower favorite (the pasta dish) I am looking to use the cauliflower in a new way! Cauliflower seems versatile enough so I bet there are other ways we can prepare it and really enjoy it. I’ll keep y’all posted!

We are going to be having company this weekend so the potatoes will be perfect as hash browns – we still have some of the small red potatoes from last week (or the week before) so the two potato varieties combined will be a great way to spruce up hash browns! We also love using these smaller potatoes to make garlic fries (yep – I’ll post the recipe because they are amazing!)

I was so so so excited when I saw that we had received peaches. Peaches are one of my all time favorite fruits. Nothing beats a nice juicy peach in the heat that we have been having – it is just so refreshing! I am considering though picking up a few extra peaches and trying to make some type of cobbler to serve a la mode just to give my peaches a little variety…

I have never cooked with beets so that will definitely be new! Will absolutely keep you posted on that adventure!



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