Late Spring Crop Share Week 1 Report

Hooray for a new crop-share! Sorry that I haven’t been too on the ball with sharing this with y’all. Now that our family is a bit more settled and we all have a good routine I plan to continue giving you our weekly updates on the crops we have received and we have used them!

What we received in week 1:

– Peaches
– White & Red Potatoes
– Kohlrabi
– Tomatoes
– Radishes
– Green Peppers

In the Kitchen:

This is a pretty basic crop-share week to start with, which is a nice way to ease back into this blogging business. The only item above that I’m a little concerned about is the Kohlrabi. I belive I made a slaw type of dish with it once, so I’m going to have to branch out a bit and really try something new with this… Any ideas or ways that you like this prepared?

I may start looking into new ways to work with our radishes as well. We usually go for a few cut up into our salads as well as our favorite mango radish salsa (VERY perfect for shrimp or fish tacos!) but we need to start expanding our repertoire. Tomatoes and green peppers seem like the perfect additions to some homemade mexican dishes. I smell some fresh tacos, enchiladas or ‘mexican lasagna’ in our future this week!

Hope you have a great week and had a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday!


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