Early Spring Crop Share Week 1 Report

The spring crop-share is here! We have been waiting for this all winter and were so excited to pick up our first box. I am expecting a nice variety of heartier veggies as well as some more warm-weather types that are just cropping up.  When we first started the crop-share I believe we received a bushel amount and this time we opted for the Peck size like we did in Winter – that was a much more manageable amount for our family of 2 (3.5 if you include the dog and his appetite). I am excited for trying out some more new recipes and incorporating fresh spring veggies into our weekly routines!

What we received to start the ‘Early Spring-Share’:

– Sweet Potatoes
– Sweet Vidalia Green Onions (Chives w/bulbs)
– Spinach
– Tomato
– Green Peppers
– Zucchini
– Yellow Squash

Upcoming Meals:

I was so thrilled to see the tomato perched at the top of my box – how I have missed good, fresh tomatoes this winter! We needed a quick dinner on Friday before heading away for the weekend so we used the spinach, tomato and green peppers to whip up some sides for tacos!

I’ve used chives but never have I ever seen a chive with a small onion bulb still on – which is intriguing! I plan to check out some recipes and see how much of that I can fully use and hopefully get something delicious put together with it! The other ingredients are pretty standard in my recipe archives so if the weather holds up I may just use the squash and zucchini in a boring fashion: Grilled on the BBQ! It would be a lovely way to celebrate the warm temperatures, in my opinion.

Pretty easy week for us to get involved, these were some good staples to get us back into the swing of crop-sharing. I hope to find some inventive recipes for the ingredients we use more frequently, I will absolutely keep y’all posted if I do! Until next week – bon appetite!


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