My new Cropshare is almost here!

Writing in the winter was harder than I imagined. Our kitchen was bursting with cookies and other baked delights and then our standard household staples. That adventurous spirit I had for the kitchen vanished once the colder temperatures sent in. We just didn’t pull off the adventure like we had planned to. I apologize for the lack of posts I have put up here the past few months!

Fret no more though – I just received word that the Early Spring Cropshare is ready and I get my first basket on Friday – woo hoo! We are beyond excited to get back into the swing of our crop-sharing and recipe taste-testing! Our Cropshare has gotten a bit more green in the months since we last participated, which is awesome! Previously we would receive our crop inclusion lists and sample recipes in a print-out, but now they have set up their own blog to let us know about this. You can follow our crop-share with all of their recipes, not just the ones I try out – on their blog at:

With all of that being said, we have a new dog, new flowers blooming and a new crop-share season on the way – life couldn’t be better! Look forward to writing you all on Saturday!



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