Crop Share Week 6 Report

The crop share has now ended, and I’m a few weeks behind on letting everyone know how our last week went, so here goes! This winter/fall crop-share was pretty fun, there wasn’t as much variety and when we got some ‘out of local season’ items they were mostly from states that are not within a close proximity which really disappointed me as I loved the local side of this crop-share. Overall, happy we did it, we got to try some excellent new things and kept on cranking out new recipes. This winter will be filled with posts of recipes we tried during our months of crop-sharing.

Week 6 Crops:

– Red Navel Oranges
– Cameo Apples
– Tangerines
– Green Beans
– Turnips
– Spinach
– Grapefruit

How we used it all:

Of course this crazy time between Thanksgiving and New Years was packed with parties and gatherings and more leftovers than we knew what to do with so we weren’t always as creative as we could have been in the past if our schedules were a bit less hectic. Lucky for us this week was a bit boring in that it really only offered citrus.

I used the string beans as a steamed side dish. They were very fresh tasting and a great side to our meals. I am very seriously going to start buying fresh string beans more often. I usually get lazy and opt for the frozen variety but you cannot beat the snap of a fresh string bean!

The spinach went towards the BLT pasta that I showcased in my last blog post, and it was delicious! I also really enjoy fresh spinach so that was nice to have in the house. The turnips went towards mashed turnips. They were tasty, just nothing too exciting. Again, we were pretty busy with the holidays and our menu showed it: one tired dish after another. Have some fresh ingredients to toss into the mix was really nice, but this time of year is always just so darn hectic.

Now that it’s 2012, and calmer, I’m looking forward to trying to purchase at least one new item I haven’t ever tried each month (I’m starting with attainable goals here) and trying to make a new recipe at least twice a month and will of course post my results here. We can’t wait for spring and another spring crop-share. The spring and summer crop-shares definitely seemed to be more up our alley as they offered a great variety and were much more local, which is important to me. Stay fresh everyone!


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