Winter Crop Share Week 5 Report

We have now passed the half-way mark on the winter crop-share, next week is our last week for this season. Don’t worry though – I have a good stash of recipes saved up that I’m going to post at least once a week in the winter doldrums since we won’t have crop updates to discuss. I thought our weeks were getting busy the last time I wrote but we had 4 holiday parties in one weekend, so I’m voting that we are slightly more busy now than even then, which leaves little time for trying new recipes. I’m all about watching people eat my food creations but I cannot test out brand spanking new recipes on innocent party goers, so I have gone back to some of our safe holiday sharing dishes.

What we received in week 5:

– Navel Oranges
– Swiss Chard
– Collard Greens
– Cauliflower
– Cubanelle Peppers
– White sweet corn
– Organic mushroom variety pack

In the Kitchen:

The peppers have actually been really great on things from tacos to salads. They aren’t too spicy but add a nice flavor. I have never had that specific variety of pepper before but I definitely will look for it again! The mushrooms are a no-brainer for me – I adore mushrooms and could put them in almost any and every dish I make, so those will be easy to cycle through! Here is the part that threw me for a loop: Corn?! But it is December and I live in the Midatlantic, where did this corn come from? Well they decided to reach to further away farms for our crops this week and thus we have some corn! It is a nice winter treat. I’m not sure yet if I want to boil it and pretend it’s July by eating it right off of the cob OR look to some neat type of salsa or dip that features corn…

The cauliflower is going towards our easy cauliflower and pasta recipe , that is a dish we really enjoyed and after a long day of work it is quick to whip up! I’m still unsure how to approach the collard greens and swiss chard. I won’t lie, they intimidate me a bit. I’m going to do some research around the internet and in the stack of cookbooks I have borrowed from the library and see if I can find a picture that really draws me in. There has to be a not too intimidating way of cooking with these items out there, and I will be the gal to find it, try it and then share with y’all!

I mentioned in my last post that the great cookie swap of 2011 was a hit in our home! We really loved it and had such a great time waiting for our packages to arrive and just enjoyed it overall. What a fabulous event to be a part of. Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for an update post to the cookie swap on the cookies I received (Complete with links to their amazing recipes!). I sincerely hope you are all enjoying your winter holidays, and if you don’t celebrate, hope you are enjoying the beautiful cold weather and some fun outdoor winter activities!


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