Winter Crop Share Week 2 Report

Winter crop-share week 2! Again, still thrilled we went with the smaller size – while we get some great items it seems that our social calendar is pulling us in a few different directions, most of them away from our kitchen, so having a smaller quantity has prevented waste. We haven’t had too much time to test out some of our items from last week so luckily this week we received more familiar items that don’t require quite as much creativity and planning for cooking.

What we received in week 2:

– Yellow & Green Squash
– Pickling Cucumbers
– Grapefruit
– Acorn Squash
– Kale
– Broccoli
– Green Peppers
– Grape Tomatoes

In the Kitchen:

Again, our week(s) have been busy so it’s nice that our share this week contained more familiar produce items.  With that being said, there isn’t too much exciting going on in our kitchen with this week’s share. We are going to use the green and yellow squash in a shrimp scampi dish to give it a nice burst of veggie flavor.

I plan to pair the green peppers with eggs in an omlet and then for salads for lunchtime meals. I’m hoping to finally try making kale chips with kale. I still haven’t found much beyond steaming that I like in kale so maybe this could be a breakthrough for me and kale. Broccoli – steamed and enjoyed, still one of my all-time favorite veggies! We are also going to try a new recipe for a pickling cukes – the last ones came out good but nothing to write home about so hopefully this batch will be what we are imagining.

And everything else we have in our kitchen will go towards a fantastic set of meals for this holiday weekend. If I don’t get a chance to post a few words before the holiday – Happy Thanksgiving!


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