Fall Crop Share Week 3 Report

It’s week 3 of the fall crop-share! Things have been going really well with this fall crop-share. There is nothing more delicious than steaming fresh veggies as side dishes and having nice long-lasting fresh products on-hand for whatever we feel like cooking. This crop-share has really turned our eating and food shopping around. At the food store yesterday we spent a lot of time in the produce section deciding what additional veggies we wanted to cook and planning out our meals to include MANY more fresh items. It was a great feeling leaving with less processed foods and a lot more fresh items. Consistent healthy eating is definitely a change we are loving! Sorry for the side-trip there, back to the main attraction – week 3 of the crop-share:

What we have:
– Cabbage
– Onions
– Turnips
– Acorn Squash
– Carrots
– Jona Gold Apples
– Red Delicious Apples
– Sweet Potatoes
– White Potatoes
– Seckle Pears
– Green Leaf Lettuce

Our Plans: 

We were blown away by the amazing variety we have received this week! Lots of goodies for us to cook with that is fresh and new and lots we have worked with before. We have a great recipe for a ‘chinese’ firecracker that will help us use up the onions, cabbage and carrots (at least partially).

With the remaining onions we want to attempt to make onion rings with – we have tried them once before but they did not come out well at all, so hopefully our second try will be better. If not I’ll still hold out for a third attempt (3rd time’s a charm, right?) but I shall be sure to blog the onion ring success (or failure). Lots and lots of apples will lead to some apple chips, and some mini apple pies! Apple pies and caramel are my favorite dessert item, so I am really looking forward to smelling some baking apple pies and then devouring it a la mode style!

The turnips will be a new fun experiment to work with. I enjoy dishes with turnips in them but I’ve never cooked with them to date. I’m not sure what to try. Our crop-share providers have given us a ‘cheesy turnips’ recipe but that seems too easy and plain, I want to try something more daring with the turnips. Any ideas on a fun way to use the turnips?

Overall, fall crop-share has been wonderful! We are definitely enjoying the hardier produce varieties that have been coming into our basket. It’s great having food that will not perish as quickly and as easily. The meals we are turning out with this food are nice and filling, perfect as the cooler weather sits in.


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