Fall Crop Share Week 2 Report

Week 2 of our fall cropshare – the air is getting even crisper and the smells of the season are definitely in full swing! Here is our weekly cropshare breakdown:

What we have: 

– Green Bell Peppers
– Red Swiss Chard
– Red Leaf Lettuce
– Mushrooms
– Roma Tomatoes
– Rome Beauty Apples
– Suncrisp Apples (Golden color)
-Buttercup Squash
– Seedless Navel Oranges

Our Plans: 

Quite a variety this week! This looks like it will be a fun week to experiment because among the many things included in our cropshare there are a bunch of items we haven’t really cooked with or explored to date. We received Rainbow Swiss Chard before and gave it away, this time around I’m going to search around and see what I can come up with to use it, it seems interesting and nothing I have ever really heard about before so I’m definitely eager to see what its potential is.

The buttercup squash (pictured above) also looks peculiar. I have definitely seen this squash around before but really have no idea what to do with it. But since it’s a squash, have no fear I’m sure I’ll find a million and a half ways to cook it and will love each of them enough to wax on and on in a future post about the wonderful ways to cook it (like I do about squash here all the time)….

We are looking into apple muffins with the baking apples as we also have a bit of a backlog of baking apples from a previous “desserted”  recipe (Aren’t I just too darn punny?!).

The oranges will be a delicious treat – citrus in the fall – yum! The remainder of the items will really be handy in salads and side-dishes throughout the week but won’t be a main feature. I think the main time this week on meals will be focused on the new squash variety we have received and the swiss chard. Wish us luck – this should be an interesting, and hopefully fun/tasty, week!


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