The Kale Soup Semi-Failure

I’m not counting this soup as a total and complete utter failure but really a semi-failure, it could have been a lot worse. We used this recipe from the Trader Joe’s Cookbook ( ) and the reasons we didn’t like it truly had nothing to do with the recipe as much as with the Kale (in my opinion at least).

The short of this recipe was that it was potatoes, kale, garlic and broth. The soup was nice and easy to make. I would highly suggest checking out the book or their blog for more inspiration as the remainder of the book has been a delight to cook with. To quickly summarize you cook some potatoes in veggie broth, add in some kale, onions, garlic (maybe shallots my memory is escaping me) and that’s really all. Get it to a nice boil and make your kale a nice bright green color and ‘enjoy’. 

It just definitely did not fit our taste buds. It smelled really nice and garlicky, the potatoes had a nice firmness to them overall it was a really nice pleasant soup to put together and cook – easy and quick. Now onto the point where I only call it a semi-failure …

The kale was just too darn bitter, I could not get past that. I skimmed out some of the kale. Since I believed the kale was making the soup a bit too bitter I did what I could to skim out some of the extra abundance of kale and really with just a bit of kale, the broth and potatoes it wasn’t a bad soup at all. I think having the kale for the bitterness was necessary it was just way too much and became very overpowering very quickly.

To date, I think I’m going to stick with steaming my kale. I am hoping to try kale chips next time too to see how that turns out. Kale has definitely been fun to sample with and try in different ways. I think this soup could be good, I may just not be the experienced enough person to figure out what went wrong and how to make it right…

If you have any suggestions on making this more edible please share, also feel free to share any other kale preparation techniques you enjoy!


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  1. wow, I didn’t know you were blogging! To me, this still looks so good. My favorite way to eat kale is in a salad, sort of like this recipe:

    You have to massage the leaves like they say, otherwise the kale is too rough. The acid in something like a lemon or lime helps do that. I wouldn’t necessarily put pepitas and mangoes in there, but I’m sure it’s good (maybe feta and walnuts? yum).


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