Fall Crop Share Week 1 Report

 Happy Fall everyone!! Fall is definitely my favorite season, I love the smells of fall, I love the crisp air and I love the food that I associate with fall – nice soups, hearty veggies, cinnamon and spices. It’s all too delicious to handle! Being that it is now officially fall we kicked off our crop-share again with a new week!


– Broccoli
spaghetti Squash
– Carrots
– Kale
– Celery
-Green Leaf Lettuce
– Bosc Pears
– Seckle Pears
– Basil
– Apple Cider
– Nittany Apples

How fantastic does that lineup sound? Needless to say I am pretty pumped. I think I have waited long enough and plan to finally attempt making Kale Chips…the results will be posted of course!

Looks like we have a lot of good fixins for some nice lunches. Between the pears to throw in as a snack (and apples too!) we also have some great lettuce we can use in salads and wraps as well as celery and carrots for snacking. The basil has already been frozen to use at a later date, possibly in some pesto?  Looks like this will be a calmer week in that we will use more of our items for snacking and side items instead of main ingredients.

I gave the spaghetti squash another go ‘round with the marina and it was equally delicious. Butternut squash is still my absolute favorite but Spaghetti squash is growing on me for sure! Fall has started off on a very good (and delicious!) note.


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