Crop Report Week 6 (final week!)

Again – sorry for a late post here! I’ve been a little off the rails between work and personal obligations but I’m back in the game! We actually had a bye-week last week so this is 2 weeks old at this point…sorry for the delay! Now that the bye-week is over we are going to be moving into the first of our 5 week fall crop-share.

So far the transition between summer and fall crop-sharing has been fun. We are moving into hardier foods and veggies. The nicest thing about the new foods we are getting is that they last a bit longer. They have a longer ‘shelf life’ for us and it isn’t as much of a scramble to use things up quickly.

Contents: image

– Broccoli
– Organic Potatoes
– Spaghetti Squash
– Rainbow Swiss Chard (also organic)
– Onions
– Gala Apples
– Sweet Potatoes
– Collard Greens

Ah – fall at last! If you saw my post yesterday you will see that I used the spaghetti squash with a simple marinara as a great side-dish with chicken. It was really tasty and something we both agreed we would like to make again!

We used some of the carrots, mushrooms and some of the broccoli in a stir-fry. The remainder of the broccoli was steamed and used with oil and garlic and cavetelli pasta in a simple pasta dish. Steamed, fresh broccoli is so wonderful! Receiving fresh broccoli like this reminded me that I must start buying broccoli fresh and not frozen more often!

The potatoes made a few handsome potato pancakes – potato pancakes, bacon and eggs: YUM! We also boiled a few of the remaining potatoes (we got a bag full!) as a side dish with some mild seasonings to compliment steak one evening.

The swiss chard and collard greens I did not have time to figure out how to use them and I was nervous that they were going to go bad and thus be wasted so I shared them with a neighbor who knew how to cook them and was delighted to have them. I’m going to check in with her to find out what she made and how and if they should find their way into a crop-share box of mine again I will be prepared to cook them up! (And of course let you all know how it goes!)

Last but certainly not least I believe we have perfected, PERFECTED, our sweet potato fries! We have cut them up into steak frite size so they are a bit thicker and are using a pinch of salt, a bit of olive oil and minced garlic on them for a nice seasoning. We then place them on a foil-lined baking sheet in the oven (preheat to 350) for about 20 minutes and voila – deliciousness in the look of an orange French-fry!


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