Spaghetti Squash – Simple and Tasty!

‘Tis the season for squash! Spaghetti squash was a variety I had never tried but was eager to. My crop-share paid off and provided us with a spaghetti squash – what luck?! This may be the easiest recipe I post so here goes…



– Marinara Sauce (we make our own but a jar would work too) – try to get something with a bit of a kick.

– Spaghetti Squash (get 2 if you have more than 2 people)



What to do

Preheat your oven to 325. Cut your squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Place your squash on a foil-lined baking sheet that is spread with a bit of olive oil facing down (my pictures have the squashes flipped from how I cooked them, so put them facing down, not as they are in my pictures). Heat up your sauce while the squash cooks.  Once your sauce is heated, scoop some of it into the serving bowl you plan to use. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until the inside of the squash can easily be skewered and is started to get nice and gold around the edges.

Once you have removed the squash from the oven and let it cool off for 5 minutes use a fork to ‘scrape’ the squash and you will see that it very easily forms strands – similar to spaghetti. I was hesitant about this part because I nervous I would scrape it incorrectly and ruin the squash but it seemed to naturally form these strands so it was easy! Put your strands of squash into the serving bowl and about half way through add a bit more sauce then keep ‘scraping’ strands out of the squash and placing them in the bowl. Top off your spaghetti squash with the remainder of your sauce (the amount you use is to taste, similar to pasta), mix it together in the bowl to evenly coat the spaghetti squash and serve!

This made a great side-dish to chicken. It’s a nice compliment to any lighter main course I’m sure, and it wasn’t too filling but also didn’t leave us hungry. It was really nice for fall! I’ll have to post a recipe of our marinara sauce so you can have the full experience!


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