Crop Report: Week 5!

Wow, this is extremely late and I truly apologize for everyone who was on the edge of their seat waiting to hear what we received this week! This is the second to last week – how did the time fly so quickly on this?! Since we received our share on Friday and it’s now almost a week later, this post will focus a bit more on how we used the food this week…


– Canary melon
-Green peppers
– Italian roasting peppers
– Honeycrisp apples
– Chinese Pear
– Peaches
– Corn
– Zucchini
– Thyme
– Acorn Squash

Corn made a comeback! We didn’t get corn last week so we were definitely excited to have it back. We did the same ole with the corn – grilled it up!

Greg is really digging the canary melon. We have found that is similar to a honeydew melon with a more ‘fruity’ taste. He was excited to have it back and cannot wait to cut it up. For anyone looking to sample a canary melon –  if you purchase one in the store you will know that is ripe and ready to eat when the outside starts to feel a bit waxy. This may seem strange, but pet the melon and you will know when it’s waxy and ready…

The apples and peaches were used in part for snacking and in another part on the dehydrator. Having dried fruit around is a wonderful snack! I really have gotten used to just passing the jar I keep it in and having a wedge of fruit – Yum! I also dried the thyme to use for the future. I really had no idea what to use it in this week so I dried it up and will save for the future, didn’t want to waste it!

We love zucchini, well I do at least I do, so I was happy to see it in our box. We didn’t do anything too thrilling with it – just cut it up and used it in shrimp scampi with garlic and oil and some of the green peppers. It came out wonderful. Zucchini, when done right, is just so refreshing and wonderful. I’m not sure if I like squash or zucchini more – tough call!

The squash may be used for a new recipe. I’m not sure as what yet but I’m looking around for some good options for the next two days. I want to use it a little differently. I’m thinking maybe try it as some sort of side dish. Results will be posted of course!


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