Failed Apple Dumplings

To date, there are many recipes we have tried that we have enjoyed, and I’ve started sharing those recipes, now I would like to share a failure. Since it’s a failure I’m going to leave out the recipe but give us all some time to laugh at the results – cooking is fun because of the wonderful things you create and the excellent stories you have to tell of the less than edible food you have concocted…here goes terrible:  

Apples dumplings, this seems relatively easy. It is similar to an apple pie but mini, what could be so hard?! A few months ago I snagged a great star shape mini pie maker so I figured with the apples cut small enough this would be the PERFECT time to put this mold into action. The apples came out pretty good actually. We cut up the apples into really small pieces so that they wouldn’t overwhelm the mini molds. At the same time we made a caramel honey sauce – Cinnamon, honey, sugar, brown sugar all boiling in a pan. It smelled like fall!

Since I was making sauce and cutting apples I had to draw the line at making dough, I opted for the Giant brand; in the past Giant pie dough has served me well. I am pretty crafty so cutting out the molded dough was no problem. I put the apples and sauce into the molds, put them on a baking sheet and sent them on their journey into the warm oven for about an hour. This is when things got interesting.

For the first ½ hour they still smelled delicious and looked normal during cooking as well. In the last 10 minutes we looked again and (I’m happy to report) none of them were burned but they just didn’t have any fluff to them at all anymore. And about half of them had ‘popped’ open. Overall, they smelled nice but were looking less than attractive to say the least.

Once they cooled we scraped them off their baking sheet and made a face at each other, it was officially a standoff. I made them, but he helped, who would be the first to try them, did either of us really have to eat them? Greg is pretty polite so he didn’t want to offend me and claimed they looked good, but he had already had dessert so he may wait until tomorrow to eat them. I really was not feeling adventurous so piled them into a storage container for tomorrow. The next day came and while alone I took a little nibble, yeah they were nasty, but I wasn’t ready to admit this so I left the container. I looked at the container daily but never uttered a word about them neither did Greg. I feel bad poisoning the guy so I didn’t suggest he eat them, but he also never offered…. Overall I think we were both afraid.

Garbage day came and then they were suddenly gone. Either Greg pitched them or a gnome snuck in to do away with the disgusting apple dumplings but either way they were gone and I could breathe easy not having to feel bad about how horrible they turned out. I have no idea where we went wrong on this recipe but I’m too afraid to try again, for now…


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  1. Posted by whit on September 8, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Perhaps it was the dough? it’s ok, there are other apple desserts out there. It will take several tries to reach the glorious status of Wegman’s double crust apple pie too, but persistence will pay off in the end 🙂


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