Crop Report Week 4

Crop Share Week 4:

We are now more than half-way there. This was a 6 week test phase so we are now rounding into the end of the crop-share, which is very sad.  I’m a little late on posting this crop share but it was a great great way to kick off a holiday weekend! We had lot to cook and lots to share!


– Cantaloupe
-Honey Crisp Apples
– Peaches
– Pickling Cucumbers
– Sweet Potatoes
– Green Peppers
– Kale
– Tomatoes
– Italian Roasting Peppers
– Ginger Gold Apples (for baking)

Again – perfect way to kick off a grilling weekend! The cantaloupe, peaches and honey crisp apples are easy – slice those up and snack on them, or maybe dry some of the apples for apple chips, we shall see.

We have used the pickling cucumbers before to make a simple dill pickle, it came out pretty tasty but I think we can do better. We have already scouted out a new cucumber to pickle recipe and are excited to give it a try this evening. Details will of course follow!

The sweet potatoes were perfect when made into sweet potato fries! We used the peppers with some chicken and steak on our grill as kabobs so the fries were a perfect complement to them!

I think I will try to make Kale soup with the kale this time, the steamed kale was what we ended up making last time and that was good but this soup is really looking delicious. It’s almost fall so it’s time to get back into soup season!

Overall it was a great week for the share. We shared a lot of our food with our family and have almost nothing left to use this week, but that’s a nice thing. Part of this project is called ‘share’ and while I’m doing most of the sharing with my words, giving it away and enjoying it with family is the other part of sharing. Feels nice to be together for the end of summer and was even nicer eating some delicious produce!


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