Crop Report Week 3

Now it is starting to feel like a routine, we are three weeks in and really loving being apart of this program. We spend the week going through what we haven’t finished yet – enjoying EVERY bite, and then on Friday look forward to a new batch of great ingredients that we will get to play with in the week ahead.  Saturdays we get to pick up any extra produce we may need to make these recipes come alive and then have at it.


– Corn
– Habanero peppers
– Yellow tomatoes
– Canary Melon
– Red peppers
– Kale
– Grape tomatoes
– Butternut Squash
– Gala apples
– Basil (a huge, awesome,fresh bunch!)

One of these weeks I will have to take a picture of how full our box is just so you can get an idea of what an awesome feeling it is picking up these items! We had more visitors this weekend so we are sending them home with the corn – corn is great but I’m a little corned out at this point, they are also departing with some of the white peaches we were graced with last week, just too many peaches I was overwhelmed.

Since I have a good amount of yellow tomatoes I am thinking of using those to make a more unique yellow tomato sauce/marinara. I also have a nice bunch of fresh basil. In addition to freezing the basil this sauce will be the perfect way to use it! I am anticipating that the sauce will be sweeter than traditional sauce and will of course post my results on this!

For our fruit I am planning to dehydrate some of the apples into apple chips and then enjoy the rest. The grape tomatoes are such a great treat and I am happy to have them again this week! I have never ever had a canary melon before. From what I read online it looks to be a sweet melon so I cannot wait to cut it open and see what it holds. I’m usually not a melon person so we will see…

The peppers are in store for some big plans. Greg saw those and his eyes lit up! He has a few different ways that he wants to use them. He is really chomping at the bit to get to it, he sees peppers and his eyes really do light up. We are going to make some salsa with the larger hot peppers and then use the smaller habanero peppers in both salsa and for turkey chili. We haven’t made chili in a while so that will also allow us to use some onions we have in the house as well as the bell peppers we received last week.

Kale will be the most interesting this week.  I have never tasted, nor cooked kale before. It seems to be considered an aggressive lettuce, stores well and can be made into chips – what a diverse food! Definitely has piqued my interest. I may have a few kale recipes to share with you all when the week is up, maybe an overall kale do and don’t list? We will have to see how that ends up playing out.

We have already shared two recipes, I’m going to slowly add them as the weeks progress, I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with all of the recipes we have made in a single week. To date we have made: pickles, mango radish salsa, fried green tomatoes, baked mini apple pies (not successful at all), traditional marinara and a few other things I’m forgetting… It has been great getting to roll up our sleeves and put our kitchen to good use. Again, look for some updates on our kitchen successes and failures – with pictures!

Stormy hurricane weather hopefully will lead to some good cooking – stay safe and dry East Coasters!


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  1. I’m excited to hear how the kale chips come out! I’ve been wanting to try making a batch, but I’ll let you go for it first!!


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