Pickling Cucumbers into Kosher Dills

Our weekly crop share included pickling cucumbers. This sent me into an immediate frenzy to find a Ball Mason jar (with a lid) large enough to pickle cucumbers while Greg went on a mad dash to find out how to pickle cucumbers and what the best ingredients to include may be. We only had 3 or 4 cucumbers to pickle and Kosher Dill ‘flavor’ was the most obvious choice. With our mason jar and seasonings in hand we rolled up our sleeves and went on a pickling expedition.

What you will need:

Pickling Cucumbers
Dill (app. 10 sprigs)
White Vinegar (3 tbsp)

Here is what you will need to do to turn those ‘cukes into pickles. Place 5 sprigs of dill at the bottom of the mason jar. Prep your cucumbers by cutting off the ends. This may seem strange but it worked. Just cut the two ends off, not too far in, just enough to give it a nice ‘open’ edge. Place your cucumbers into the jar vertically/up-right and then fill it up half way with water. Add 3 tbsp of vinegar to the jar combination.  Add 2 tsp of salt and the last 5 sprigs of dill. Fill the remaining space with more water. Close tightly!!

At this point put your jar in the windowsill so that they can ‘sun’ for about 4 – 5 days. You can open them as soon as 3 days but they will not taste very kosher-dill, more like a mild new pickle. The longer you leave them soaking the more they will taste like a true kosher dill pickle.If you like a pickle with a bit more garlic, throw in a clove or two of minced garlic and you will pick up some garlic undertones.

We kept ours in the jar for 5 days, we tested them after 3 and they weren’t quite ready for our liking but after the 5th day they were tasting pretty darn delicious! Having them on the windowsill seemed strange but it worked, store in the fridge once you open them up. Enjoy your pickles!


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