Crop Report Week 2

Ask and you shall receive! Last week I complained that the share was lacking a bit of variety, well did they deliver this week. I am happy to report that I did feel less overwhelmed and more excited to roll up my sleeves and see what tasty creations I was able to make! From here on out I will do a weekly share report about what we received a quick overview of what we did, or plan to, use the items for and then post later on in the week with the outcomes (including recipe ideas if they turned out delicious!).


– 4 ears of corn
– 3 yellow tomatoes & Green tomatoes (you better believe we are frying those bad boys up!)
– 5 white peaches
– Cantaloupe
– Radishes
– Green & Red Pepper (1 each)
– Grape tomatoes
– 4 Pickling cucumbers
– Acorn Squash
– 4 baking apples (Rambo)

WOW! I couldn’t believe how full my weekly box was! It was amazing and wonderful! This week we were ready for a challenge and it was just handed to us in a nice box. On our short drive home from the nursery we were rambling off our hopes and dreams for this weeks’ share.

Corn was going to be boring but lovely again! We considered doing salsa with it but that corn is just so delicious on its own so we are going to plan to leave the corn au natural. Similar plans were made for the grape tomatoes – I seriously eat them by the handful as snacks and that’s how they will be used in this case too. Maybe they can join lettuce in a salad…we will see. And the pickling cucumbers sound perfect for pickling! We have never pickled before so that experiment should be a fun one!

For our fruit we plan to eat a few of the peaches and then see about using our nifty food dehydrator to make some ‘peach chips’. The apples are great for baking so we are going to make mini apple pies with them. Pictures and recipe to follow!!

I am expecting this to be a busy but fun week for our new produce! We have lots of ideas and need to get started sitting down going over our recipes and seeing what else we have in the use to be as efficient with this as possible.

Again, recipes and details (maybe some photos too) to follow!


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