Crop Report – Week 1 Sharing Details

Crop Share Week 1:

This is the week that I learned what the ‘share’ in crop-shares meant. I went to pick up my box with all of the anticipation of a kid on Christmas – what is waiting for me!!! It was great, looking back I was a bit disappointed in the lack of variety, but that may have actually been a blessing in disguise so that we could ease into this new routine.


– 8 ears of corn
– 8 heirloom tomatoes (absolutely huge!)
– 10 peaches – absolutely delicious!
– French melon – cousin to the cantaloupe

Well, we are a family of 2, having this much of a small variety of produce was very overwhelming, to say the least. First things first – we had some out-of-town guests and what better gift to send them home with than fresh Virginia corn and tomatoes, and a few peaches too! They loved them all so that was perfect. We used the corn a few different ways but nothing too thrilling, we were just getting our feet wet at this point.

Corn two boring ways: boiled and grilled. Wow, bet you didn’t see that coming! Yep, we boiled corn in salted and sugared water one evening as a side to a chicken dish and then grilled it in the husks (after thoroughly soaking them in water) as a side dish to steak. The corn was delicious, boring as the cooking techniques may have been you just cannot beat fresh corn on the cob!

The tomatoes were a bit more interesting to try to utilize efficiently. We ended up making pasta sauce, a nice marinara with a Giada recipe, salsa and of course as extras on burgers, in salads and so on. They were really great tomatoes.

The peaches were a no-brainer – we washed those suckers off and had them as a snack daily. I won’t lie, I was very disappointed when those peaches ran out. I hadn’t had peaches in a very long time – Greg isn’t a huge fan and I go hot and cold with certain fruits – but wow did these peaches remind me of why I enjoy fresh peaches!

Again, not a huge variety to start the share off with, BUT it definitely helped us get our feet wet and get used to having ‘extra’ produce we needed to use and not waste. I’m happy to report that we did well, in my opinion. Sharing is caring after all!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by whitsport on August 20, 2011 at 3:22 am

    Great first week. Lots of potential to try new recipes in the coming weeks too 🙂 nice post!


  2. Posted by Samantha F. on August 24, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    I wish I lived with you guys so I could get in on this crop share! Sounds aweonse and you are making me want to find one by me.


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